Assembling LA’s Most Decadent Brunch

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Jon Shook and Vinnie Dotolo —  the Los Angeles culinary team behind the likes of Jon & Vinnie’s and Son of a Gun —  recently launched brunch service at Animal, their Fairfax Avenue hotspot. Watch for a peak at their brunchtime menu offerings, from a cornmeal waffle with apple and pecans to pastrami reuben benedict (!!!). 

In order, these are the dishes displayed:

— Foie Gras Loco Moco, quail egg, Spam, hamburger
— Pastrami reuben benedict, rye, sauerkraut, hollandaise, 1K island sauce, soft egg
— Cornmeal waffle, apple, pecans, salted butter
— “The Boner Burger,” 420 sauce, jack cheese, poblano chili, red onion
— Raymundo’s chilaquiles, Mexican sour cream, cilantro, scallion, cotija
— “The Truck Stop,” fried eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, toast

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  1. Wait what? Was that first dish A burger, spam slice, foie gras and egg on rice surrounded by Sriracha? Sounds like a hangover breakfast at a rich frat boys house.

  2. Take it from someone who used to eat out everyday his entire life and looking back now, it was so much bs and more about social experiments: when you're in your 20s, you're a sucker and would eat anything, the more weird, the better; and when you're in your 30s, you think you're a gourmand and a food snob; now when you're in your 40s, everything starts to taste the same and you dread the thought of making RSVPs and going out and you're just tired of all the bs restaurant scene. Suddenly, you want to own a farm and grow and raise everything you eat. To be continued…

  3. No Offense "Eater", but this video when I saw it felt like it was thrown together very fast and need's to be slowed down a little. Plus, creating these small video's that bring content to the viewer very fast is unappetizing and does not make you want to "click" and watch another Eater video. People who watch these video's want to be brought along for the experience and not felt like it was a short instant replay, played real fast.

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