Brunch in NYC & Snow! (NY Vlog 3)

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Last three days of my New York trip! Friday we made birthday brunch consisting of poached eggs, hollandaise and pumpkin rolls, yummmm. We spent the day tidying and planning for the evening. We got lots of yummy food to grill and an insane amount of guac. There was lots of drinking and tomfoolery but I was so happy to see everyone again! So fun. Next morning, Saturday, everyone woke up hungover and we ventured into the city for brunch. We went to a spot in Chelsea called Cafeteria and I had the BEST benedict ever. More on that on my blog (coming SO SO SOON.) We pretty much did nothing on Saturday and it was glorious. After brunch we went home, watched Bob’s Burgers, played Cards Against Humanity and ate burritos. Sunday morning was a travel day and I did manage to film most of that so I won’t bore you down here. BUT SNOW. Ok that’s all.

Hope you enjoyed this little series and like I said, can’t wait to do more of these! (oooOoOH what could that mean?! hehehe)


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