Donut Taste Test: Can Krispy Kreme Beat NYC Competitors?

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The Zagat office is back for another blind taste test, and up this time is glazed donuts! It’s Krispy Kreme vs. Doughnut Plant vs. Dough. Keep watching to see who tastes the best. For more food videos, subscribe to Zagat:

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  1. It is difficult to beat Krispy Kreme. I think that they've perfected the donut — because they are light, fluffy, less dense and made from potato dough. I'm from the East Coast yet I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've tried many of the beloved "gourmet" donuts in the area and elsewhere — but I just can't help but wishing that I had a Krispy Kreme almost every time.

  2. I find the way Molly talks, just raising your voice at the end of every statement like a valley girl, completely annoying. Sorry, just can't stand it…Really? like oh my Gawd…that is like, so great!

  3. krispie kreme donuts are certainly cheap and lacking in certain aspects.. no arguing that.. once someone said they taste like the wonderbread equivalent of donuts i can't really eat any now without thinking that's true lol. BUT the reason why they make tons of money and millions of people love them is because of their lightness and consistency i think. they're so airy that it doesn't make you feel sick after just 1 or 2 donuts. (i can eat 6 in one sitting easy). now if someone would make a donut with that airy quality, and use actual great organic dough and stuff.. they would have a real winner. the actual bread/dough part of the donut with krispie kreme can definitely have kind of a weird artificial aftertaste.. and it doesn't keep well at ALL. after even just a day i usually don't eat them because really i only like them super fresh or not at all

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