Elevated Michelin Star Korean Food At The Most Expensive Korean Restaurant In America — K-Town

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Correction: In the version above, pasty chef Eunji Lee’s name is misspelled. An updated version can be found here: http://www.eater.com/2016/12/12/13922494/jungsik-korean-michelin-new-york-k-town

KTown, Eater’s exploration of Korean cuisine, goes high-end this week, as host and Eater LA editor Matthew Kang visits Jungsik, the elegant tasting menu-centric Korean restaurant in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood with two Michelin stars to its name.

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  1. I hate to put down someone's hard work, but this is a real bastardization of the Korean royal cuisine that is being referenced so much… this is more like "trendy millennial instagram food" with a Korean twist. Caviar doesn't always elevate a menu, as much as I love caviar. For a truly "elevated" Korean experience, check out Jihwaja's menu in Seoul, the head chef is registered as an "important cultural property No.38: Korean royal court cuisine artisan." A journey for all your senses, still fine dining at $195 per person, but without all the tiny spoons. With that said, I'm sure the food in this video was tasty.

  2. It looks alright but it’s rather gimmicky with rip offs of French, sushi and other Japanese foods.

    I just want my kalbi, soon dubu, and kimchi. That’s real Korean food imho. Not a big fan of so called ‘haute cuisine’.

  3. Almost all S Korean culture is plagiarism due to poor culture originally.
    It's very difficult to find S Korean original.
    S Koreans hardly invent from scratch because of a lack of imagination.
    S Koreans always try to steal others' business ideas.
    That is the only way for S Koreans to survive.

  4. …아무리 퓨전이라지만 한국 식당이라 부르기엔 좀… 갈비는 초밥같고 칼라만씨는 동남아시아에서 주로 먹지 한국에서는 잘 먹지도 않는 과일인데… 한국식당이 아니라 퓨전 스타일 아시아 식당이라고 하는게 더 맞는거같은데.

  5. So to those that think this is "Food for ants" or "leaving you hungry":
    The purpose of a meal like that is not to saturate but to make you experience; thats why it is called tasting menu.
    The purpose of a Ferrari is not to travel from A to B. It is to experience driving.
    The portions in a tasting menu have to be small. The chef has to prepare the food to perfection, which is not possible with large portions and in order to experience as many dishes as possible you also want to have smaller portions. 
    You pay a higher price to experience something extraordanery. It takes a lot of time, craftsmenship, dedication and the perfect ingredients to cook like this. Don't envy it, try to experience with him. If you are unable to, watch something else…

  6. These haters must have same hate over modern arts… lol
    Real foodies enjoy both granma's food and fine dining.
    Real art lovers enjoy both classic portrait and concept art.
    But haters, they just enjoy hating things that they have no knowledge, passion, or interest.

  7. needs correction: Han jeong sik is NOT traditional korean royal dining. Hanjeongsik is basically korean cusine readied in Japanese ryokan fashion to be served in brothels since the annexation. Around the 60-70's, the brothel part fell out and only the food continued on, thus forming the standarized popular korean cuisine. I think the word you're looking for is Sura-sang, which means royal cuisine.

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