Taste and enjoy our Brazilian-inspired #cocktail called #caipirinha #carioca #c…

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Taste and enjoy our Brazilian-inspired #cocktail called #caipirinha #carioca 🌤🍸😋 #cheers to #cocktailsintheclouds #inahyattworld #yummy #draaaaanks #rooftopbar #nycdrinks #thirstyNYC #thirsty #nyccocktails #lounge #summerfun #summerdrink #insidetimessquare #brazil we want to make your

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Downtown Brunch Party – Vivanta By Taj

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a BULLHORN pictures production

Director & Cinematographer: Kenneth Lawrence.
Producer: Vikram Bowry.
Assistant Director: Jay Charola.

The month’s best night out on a Saturday afternoon at the lavish New York style party brunch, where the traditional afternoon brunch meets the madness of a nightclub. With curated alcohol and brunch specials from around the world, house/commercial music, and even our very own cocktail buckets and superhero thrown in, this event promises to be to be epic.

To know more about the Downtown Brunch Party visit: http://on.fb.me/1qZss0h now!

Vivanta by Taj – President is one of the finest luxury hotels in Mumbai hosting soulful of dining options. At Wink, relax and enjoy the vast range of beers and international spirits.

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VIA DEI MILLE Restaurant SoHo – LEE KALT live Rocks Saturday Brunch – House Music TV

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http://www.HouseMusicTV.com – For when you want to WATCH more than you want to LISTEN . . .

Brunch Parties have been a theme this years in New York City. First Bagatelle which is a party of Kiss & Fly in the Meatpacking district. Now VIA DEI MILLE is SOHO is taking over as the best place for brunch both Saturday and Sunday every weekend. LEE KALT live on Saturday makes this a party you will not want to miss when in New York. Amazing food including Eggs Benedict and Challah French Toast which is out of this world. VIA DEI MILLI – 357 West Broadway in SoHo.

SoHo Rocks Saturday Brunch @ VIA DEI MILLE – LEE KALT live – House Music TV

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