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Haus of Mimosa Brunch Promo

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The Haus of Mimosa Brunch show is currently touring venues around the NYC area and beyond. If you would like to book us at your event/venue please contact TheHausofMimosa@gmail.com

Zagat top rated, voted best performers by Gay City News readers poll, and awarded best brunch by popular blog, Bitches Who Brunch.
Dragaholic.com says, The Haus of Mimosa brunch show is THE most fun you’ll have brunch in NYC!”

Comedian and Singer Travis Barr as Anita Buffem and musical theater performer Steven Incammicia coffee talk their way into side splitting musical numbers with powerhouse vocals and beautiful harmonies.

for more information visit www.TheHausOfMimosa.com

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Donut Taste Test: Can Krispy Kreme Beat NYC Competitors?

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The Zagat office is back for another blind taste test, and up this time is glazed donuts! It’s Krispy Kreme vs. Doughnut Plant vs. Dough. Keep watching to see who tastes the best. For more food videos, subscribe to Zagat: http://goo.gl/AaWZHT

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Elevated Michelin Star Korean Food At The Most Expensive Korean Restaurant In America — K-Town

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Correction: In the version above, pasty chef Eunji Lee’s name is misspelled. An updated version can be found here: http://www.eater.com/2016/12/12/13922494/jungsik-korean-michelin-new-york-k-town

KTown, Eater’s exploration of Korean cuisine, goes high-end this week, as host and Eater LA editor Matthew Kang visits Jungsik, the elegant tasting menu-centric Korean restaurant in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood with two Michelin stars to its name.

Eater is the one-stop-shop for food and restaurant obsessives across the country. With features, explainers, animations, recipes, and more — it’s the most indulgent food content around. So get hungry.

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Sunday Brunch VH1

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Multi-award-winning VH1 promo for their show ‘Sunday Brunch’.
Won Promax New York (worldwide) 2008 Bronze for Best Directing; Promax Asia (Singapore) 2008 Gold for Best Entertainment Promo; Promax Asia (Singapore) 2008 Silver for Best Promo not using programme footage;
Promax India 2008 Gold (best packaging, best entertainment promo, best in-house promo) and Silver (best script)

Directed by Razneesh Ghai (razylivingtheblues at gmail.com)

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VLOG Ep.: 0031
Making it happen

Coffee spots new york,

Coffee spots in new york aren’t that easy to find when you ar looking fort he best coffee shops in new york

The best coffee shop in manhattan in my opinion has to be Blue bottle new york followed by Little Collins coffee shop.

Lets talk about two hands café new York. If you want great coffee and fantastic breakfast two hands cafe has got you covered. Two hands cafe New York is a very intimate spot between Chinatown and little Italy. The two hands café brunch is fantastic but if you are going for brunch at two hands be sure to make a reservation. As you can tell I love twohands 😀

But don’t limit yourself to coffee in NYC – jump on the new York metro and make a trip to
cafe devocion Williamsburg. cafe devocion offers an amazing geisha coffee beans pour over that is to die for. Devocion nyc is huge and the Williamsburg devocion cafe is incredibly beautiful. So you see there are many places to enjoy espresso in new York you just have to find them. Coffee in NYC & Coffee shops in NYC will further evolve and I will update this list.


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NYC Brunch : A Monday At Freemans, New York

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Welcome to A Monday at Freemans with Freha. In this episode, Freha not only explores the taste of the infamous Freemans delights but also their unique space, upstairs where all good stories, light bulb moments and recharging of the soul happens.

Written, Directed & Soundtrack Composed by Frehapetite (C)2016

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