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Brunch on the NYC Boat Cruise – Vlog # 25 – Inside Hart

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Hello YouTube world! We are back again. Starting weekly vlogs this time. To kick it off, we have a short video of our latest date where we had Brunch on a Boat. The NYC boat cruise took us around the east river and we got to see a lot of activity; helicopters, yachts, jet ski’s. The works! Hope you enjoy and give it a THUMBS UP if you did 🙂
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Guide to New York City Eats: Brunch with Creatives

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This is the introduction to our brunch series. We love meeting people over brunch so we thought we would highlight some of them. It’s exciting to meet new creatives and we’d like to give them a platform to express themselves. Hope you enjoy the first episode and subscribe for the next one in 2 weeks!!

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