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NYC Brunch & Reclining Movie Seats for X-Men! | Shelly Coco Daily Vlogs

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I just love brunch, it is the best meal ever. We went to MexiBBQ in Astoria and just had a pretty chilled weekend. Reclining seats in movie theatres are also the best thing I have discovered!

This channel is my vlogging channel of vlogs that are… well… pretty mundane.. but I love watching other people’s daily vlogs like this so this is now my vlogging channel! My main channel is just “Shelly Coco”

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Another amazing Brunch party with Dj Rebell

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Bubbles & Beats Brunch Sunday; its always a party with Dj Rebell, New York’s best Dj entertaining the world one party at a time. for bookings visit his website @ www.djrebell.com

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Brunch on the NYC Boat Cruise – Vlog # 25 – Inside Hart

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Hello YouTube world! We are back again. Starting weekly vlogs this time. To kick it off, we have a short video of our latest date where we had Brunch on a Boat. The NYC boat cruise took us around the east river and we got to see a lot of activity; helicopters, yachts, jet ski’s. The works! Hope you enjoy and give it a THUMBS UP if you did 🙂
See you soon

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NEW YORK | Travel, Shopping and Melting in the Heat | Tamara Kalinic

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Hey guys! Thank you for watching
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In New York I wore:
Jeans http://bit.ly/1rEbE5F
Sweater http://bit.ly/2bqyQOb
Shoes http://bit.ly/29MfC89
Bag http://bit.ly/2bbDfEy

Jeans http://bit.ly/1qT2WQs
Top http://bit.ly/2aRlt8k
Shoes http://bit.ly/1WKAqOK
Bag http://bit.ly/24qQWT6

Blog Post http://bit.ly/2aTCggF
Dress http://bit.ly/2aY4rGS

Dress http://bit.ly/29yEFvl
Bag http://bit.ly/2bkzjRL

(see it in full here)

Blog post http://bit.ly/2bqzATg
Dress http://bit.ly/29A2yz5
Bag http://bit.ly/25RRVSi
Wedges http://bit.ly/29blrvA

http://bit.ly/2b6TKD0 – blog post
Top http://bit.ly/2bqzvz8
Shoes http://bit.ly/2bfE6rC
Bag http://bit.ly/2bfEaHK
Sunglasses http://bit.ly/2bqz1c5

Dress http://bit.ly/29yEFvl
Bag http://bit.ly/2bkzjRL



Vegan Place – By Chloe
Best Brunch in town Two Hands
Ice Cream Sprinkles
Dinner Erminia
Pizza PN New York
WholeFoods – supermarket
Eataly – Market


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Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015 – Saturday Night Live

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Three friends (Kenan Thompson, Kevin Hart, Jay Pharoah) from Bushwick, Brooklyn, hang out on a corner and discuss what they’ve been up to. Directed by Matt & Oz.

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Sunday Brunch in Brooklyn NY | alexi baker.

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March 20th 2016
Hello all,
Yay! Vlogs, all over the place I freaking love it! Just some footage of Chelsea and I exploring once again! I miss her so much now that she is back in CA. Make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you wanna see Chelsea in more videos! Woot woot!

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Brunch in New York | yummypilgrim unterwegs

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In New York kann man einfach super essen gehen! Aber wohin am besten? Ich zeige euch heute ein recht neues italienisches Restaurant. Im Meatpacking District in der Nähe der High Line gelegen, kann man (an Wochenenden mit Reservierung) sehr lecker brunchen.

820 Washington St, New York, NY 10014


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Letztes Rezept:
Vietnamesischer Nudelsalat

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Harlem Shake x Lavo New York Saturday Champagne Brunch Edition x Ike Love Jones

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http://facebook.com/lavony – Lavo New York does the Harlem Shake

The best weekly brunch party in NYC partakes in the Harlem Shake!

Shot/Edited: IkeLoveJones.com

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