The Most Relaxing and Chillout Sounds – Café Bar Restaurant Background Music Mix

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  1. While listening to this, it took me back to encounters….not just normal encounters, but stand-outs of the most peaceful times of my life. What a calming feeling with the chaotic world around us.

  2. Tracklist:
    0:00:00 Ibiza Relax Crew – Bromance Chill
    0:03:08 Boy Tedson – A Night in Cologne
    0:07:52 #Esteve – Cool Bar
    0:15:05 Boy Tedson – Bungalow
    0:19:58 #Esteve – Sunset Beach
    0:28:11 Makerflows – Lose Control
    0:32:27 Pupp Fluffy – Amazon
    0:36:34 Boy Tedson – Killing Time
    0:40:56 Lounge Relax Brothers – Epic
    0:44:22 Freemanto – Good Day Sunshine
    0:48:26 Ballawatsch – Coffee On Sofas
    0:52:32 Freemanto – Sunshine
    0:57:03 Yolow – Smooth Tide
    1:00:48 Balearic Son – Chillout Dreams
    1:04:32 White Noize Project – Pictures
    1:08:19 Chillarea – Sunset
    1:12:01 Alexandry – Its Up to U
    1:15:49 Sunset Relaxed Boys – Sunset
    1:19:33 #Esteve – Bluefunk
    1:29:02 Miami Chilling Crew – The Wave

  3. it was date night with me and my future husband also our friends we had moscato it's surprisingly good our friends celebrated our anniversary with us at a bar then we went back to our house and we play cards and watched movies.

  4. I'm giving this a try in my psychiatric office as background music. I was doing just fine with it as an alternative to the nebulous new age stuff that I generally use until I read thru some of the remarks and one said this was porn music, now I'm kinda struggling with that and a therapeutic environment. Just sayin.

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